el universo en un hilo
el universo en un hilo

el universo en un hilo

Teatro Argentino comission
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Premiered on
Aug 20, 2017
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I was comissioned by Teatro Argentino to create the music of this performatic work. The ensemble of this project was conceived as a non-hierarchical integration in relation to the voices. For this it was necessary to decouple the functioning of the vocal tract (as it twas applied on the interlude
), organizing it from its valves and filters. This led to increase the activity of certain areas of the vocal cavity and the tongue. Especially the velar and uvular-oropharyngeal zones.
Trying to generate a homogeneous orchestration, he first modified the percussion instruments.

Giant Vibraslaps

as if it were a giant vocal tract of iterated actions, we build a vibraslap in 20:1 ratio. The resonators are interchangeable and can be made of either wood or metal. Here are examples with metal resonators. The instrument was made by Efesto percussion on a author’s design.
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